CMDI conducts GAD orientation to new students!

A gender and development (GAD) seminar was conducted at CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. Tagum Campus on August 2, 2019 participated in by students from Grade 11 and first year college.

The activity was spearheaded by Mr. Edgar Sernada, CMDI’s GAD coordinator with invited resource person, Virginia Barbara P. Nillas, a professor and point person for GAD from the University of Southeastern Philippines, in Tagum City.

Ms. Nillas, a frequent resource person of CMDI Tagum on GAD, generously provided students the necessary information about the topic. She shared with the students the difference between sex and gender, the diversity of gender through ‘Genderbread Person’ illustration, and the gender roles and its biases. She also made an overview of RA 7877, also known as the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act, wherein she emphasized the difference between sexual harassment and violence against women.

The resource person supplemented her discussion with several videos that are relevant to the topic, which captured students’ attention. She presented an animated clip from the Humanitarian Affairs that shows inequality between men and women in the labor sector and in the household. Her other videos tackled more on the different forms of violence against women that students can really learn from.

Before Ms. Nillas ended her discussion, she reminded the students to respect themselves and to respect others.

“I know that many of my lectures today will be forgotten but I want you to remember always to first love yourself. Do not give up everything because you will be a broken person if you do so. And, there is no turning back.” Ms. Nillas warned the students.

The activity ended with a reflection from students on their learnings from the seminar. Most of students said that ‘there should be equal treatment for both men and women, which is an indication that the intention of the seminar was successfully delivered (or achieved?) achieved.

CMDI Tagum GAD Orientation 2019 01
Ms. Nillas asking students on their understanding on GAD.


CMDI Tagum GAD Orientation 2019 02
Mr. Sernada together with students intently watching the video clips presented.


CMDI Tagum GAD Orientation 2019 03
Ms. Nillas, explaining the RA 7877 to the students.


A student giving his reflection towards the activity.