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The CMDI Learning Resource Network is envisioned to be the Institute’s online repository of its training programs. Its initial course offering is Microfinance Technology, a ten-lesson course that teaches learners all about microfinance and how CARD MRI does it.

Training Services

At the core of CMDI are its training programs. These programs are designed to develop and improve the current skills and practices of both CARD MRI’s members and staff. Some training programs also offer teachings on business and life skills topics. CMDI also offers exposure programs for external groups.

Do not be intimidated by the idea of sharing yourself.

Core Courses

These are the training programs specialized for training and preparation for CARD MRI staff. Each program is designed to cater to the specific position for an efficient learning session. Courses are under this are the following:

  • Account Officer Re-Entry Orientation
  • Account Officer Refresher Course go Digital
  • Area Manager Advance Course : Internal Control and Financial Mgt.
  • Going 10-20-80 in the new Financial Landscape (Area Manager Promotional Training)
  • Islamic Finance and Paglambo Orientation (Shariah Finance)
  • Lead and Achieve to Eradicate Poverty in the Digital Era (Unit Manager Promotional Training)


Enhancement Courses

These courses equip the CARD staff with supplementary knowledge that would aid them in the conduct of their work. Programs conducted by CMDI are as follows:

  • Increasing Account Officer Productivity and Risk Management
  • Administrative Staff Ready for Digital Financial Landscape
  • Administrative Staff Refresher
  • CARD MBA Advance on Claims Processor Training
  • Boosting CARD MRI Operations Internal Control for Area Managers
  • CARD MRI Human Resource Unit: Facing the New Normal Path
  • CARD-MRI Field and Admin Staff Training on New Normal Towards Poverty Eradication
  • Customer Engagement & Management
  • CARD MRI Quality Portfolio Management: The New Normal Means
  • Coaching and Mentoring as Handles to Nourish Work Passion
  • Finding the Best Approach for an Advanced Management Role
  • Cross Cultural Sensitivity
  • Improving Customer Relationship Towards Poverty Eradication
  • Staff Management: Getting on with Today’s Generation
  • English Proficiency: Taking the Socially and Economically Challenged to the next level
  • Money Counterfeit and Fraud Detection in the New Era of Technology
  • Nourishing my Commitment Tree : A Reunion Framework
  • Personal and Profesional Development
  • Personality Development
  • Pro Solutions in Managing Risk & Mitigation of Audit Findings
  • Problem Solving and Decision-making
  • Managing Time Efficiently
  • Serving CARD-MRI clients thru Telemarketing
  • CARD MRI Unified Collaboration & IT Security
  • Unit Manager Advance Course : Financial Management/Internal Control
  • CARD-MRI Human Resource Unit : Facing the New Normal
  • Values and Professionalism


Center for Leadership (CFL) Courses Offered
  • CARD MRI Core Values and Culture Training/Workshop
  • Handling Millenials
  • Regional Director Ready-to-Lead and Uphold Core Values and Culture


Client Training
  • Enterprise Development Training
  • Business Starters
  • Basic Accounting Training for Members (Bookkeeping & Financial Statements Plotting)
  • CARD MBA Coordinator Ready to Assist in Eradicating Poverty in the Country

Degree Program Partnerships and Evaluation

Through partnerships with other colleges and universities, CMDI helped shape the following degree programs:


  • Academic Track
    • Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) 
    • In CMDI Bay and Tagum
      • Government Permit (R-IVA) No. SHS-627, series of 2015
      • Government Permit (R-IX) No. SHS-127, series of 2015
  • Techno-Vocational-Livelihood Track
    • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – Computer Programming 
      • In CMDI Bay and Tagum
      • Government Permit (R-IVA) No. SHS-039, series of 2016 – CMDI Bay
      • Government Permit (R-XI) No. 176  series of 2018
    • Home Economics (Bread and Pastry Production, Cookery and House Keeping) (HE)
      • In CMDI Bay and Tagum
      • Government Permit (R-IVA) No. SHS-067 series of 2019

  • Microfinance Technology NCII Program
    • In CMDI Main Campus
    • CoPR 201304032252
  • Microfinance Technology NCII Accredited Assessment Center
    • In CMDI Main Campus
    • Accd No. AC-MIC0204031517155

  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship with specialization in Microfinance (BSE) in CMDI Bay and Tagum
    • CHED Permit No. 089 series of 2016 – CMDI Bay
    • Government Recognition No. 001 series of 2020 – CMDI Tagum
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) in CMDI Bay and Tagum
    • Government Recognition No. 003 series of 2019 – CMDI Bay
    • Government Recognition No. 005 series of 2020 – CMDI Tagum
  • Bachelor of Science in Information System (BSIS) in CMDI Bay
    • Government Recognition No. 007 series of 2019 – CMDI Bay
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System (BSAIS) in CMDI Bay and Tagum
    • Government Recognition No. 015 series of 2021 – CMDI Bay
    • Government Permit No. 004 series of 2020 – CMDI Tagum
  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) in CMDI Bay and Tagum
    • Government Permit No. 026 series of 2021 – CMDI Bay
    • Government Permit No. 006 series of 2020 – CMDI Bay

Knowledge Management Center


As the Training Unit provides the delivery of the programs, the Knowledge Management Center provides the materials and the tools needed for such programs.

Mostly, the unit creates and develops the training manuals for core training courses for CARD staff. Sample modules created were the Account Officer Ready to Go, Unit Manager Ready to Go, among others.

The Credit with Education (CwE) modules are also produced by the LRDE. The modules are used in the conduct of the CwE sessions done for every Center Meeting of each unit. Each module tackles a useful life skill topic, while some modules feature a CARD product or service for easier information dissemination.

Other products that the unit produces are CMDI communication materials such as its brochure, trainers’ and guests’ orientation kit, among others.


The Knowledge Management Center also houses the CMDI Library. Print and digital resources on microfinance, entrepreneurship, business, and management can be found in the library. Aside from these, the library also features several CARD MRI publications such as monographs, focus notes, annual reports, and research studies.