Humber College Conducts International Teaching Effectiveness Certificate (ITEC) Program at CMDI

Contributed by: Lyka F. Evangelista

Teachers and Training Officers of CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. (CMDI) Bay and Tagum City campuses attended the International Teaching Effectiveness Certificate (ITEC) Program on 25 to 29 October 2019 at CMDI Bay.

Professor Catherine Dunn of the English Language Center and Dr. Ranya Khan, Faculty Development Advisor of Humber College Canada facilitated the said program, which aims to improve skills in curriculum development, assessment techniques, and delivery of student-centered teaching. In addition, modules on teaching English language learners in an English-medium environment as well as digital learning technologies were also discussed.

The participants were then required to submit on the last training day their individual E-portfolio narrating their personal experiences, views, and lessons learned from the 5-day intensive hands-on training. All in all, the participants were very grateful for the opportunity to be granted an international teaching certificate and they believe that they are now better equipped in their noble profession of teaching.

Professor Catherine Dunn facilitates a discussion among the teachers and training officers.
Participants are busy in one of the many hands-on activities of the training.
Dr. Ranya Khan answers the queries of the teachers.
Participants are focused in accomplishing the activities of the training.
Dr. Khan and Prof. Dunn (2nd and 3rd from left, respectively) take a break for a photo opportunity with DEP officials.
Teachers, Training Officers, and DEP officials pose for their “class picture” with Dr. Khan and Prof. Dunn.
Teachers and Training Officers relax after the day’s activities.