SciMath Combat held at CMDI Bay

Contributed by: Kathleen Kelly Reyes, Grade 11- Integrity

The SciMathemagics Club of CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc.  (CMDI) Bay campus held the SciMath Combat with the theme “Chasing Hearts and Minds by Pursuing Academic Excellence” on November 14 and 15, 2019 at the CMDI Auditorium.

The first day was filled with competitions that highlighted the students’ creative skills such as poetry writing, visual arts, and speech choir. The next day was for quiz bees in Mathematics, ABM, Science, and Social Science.

The event was well attended by the students and fostered a competitive but friendly atmosphere for all.

The winners of the Mathematics Quiz Bee were awarded medals and certificates. Georgie Villanueva and Kenjie Mae Resureccion (first and second from left) won the third place; Hanna Encanto and Mailee Ralyn Banaag (third and fifth from left) won the second place; and Catherine dela Cruz and Ronald Laguardia (second and first from right, respectively) bagged the first place. With them is Mathematics Instructor (center) Micky Kalaw.
Participants of the Social Science Quiz Bee hold their certificates of participation.
The Science Quiz Bee participants proudly display their certificates.
The Mathematics Quiz Bee contestants were also awarded certificates.
Grade 11 Simplicity won the first place in the speech choir competition. With them are their teachers Micky Kalaw (leftmost), Mike Allan Buiser (second from right), and Rizza Moresca (rightmost).

Grade 11 Competence won the 2nd place in the speech choir competition.

From left to right: Aira Perez, Ma. Franchesca Primo, and Paulo Pineda won the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places, respectively, in the poster-making contest, which displayed their artistic talents and creativity. With them is CMDI instructor, Lyka Evangelista (rightmost).
The winners of the ABM Quiz bee are (from left to right): Marie del Mundo and Janina Arcamo, third place; Kathleen Kelly Reyes and Alyssa Mhel Lucido, second place; and (second and first from right) Realyn Ramos and Clarissa Cantuba who bagged the first place. They are joined by CMDI instructor Daniel Angelo Lumitao (third from right).