CMDI celebrates 21st Anniversary; looks back at past year’s accomplishment

The COVID-19 pandemic demanded a change in our way of life. This includes how schools and universities shifted from a traditional face-to-face mode of instruction into new, innovative modes of learning to adapt to the new normal.

On February 15, 2021, CARD-MRI Development Institute (CMDI) held a virtual mass to celebrate its 21st founding anniversary as it looked back at its accomplishments in 2020 amidst the on-going health crisis.

“Our celebration this year is simple but reminiscent of how we chose to embrace the changes brought about by the pandemic,” said CMDI President Flordeliza L. Sarmiento. She further explained that CMDI quickly adapted to the changes demanded by COVID-19 by shifting to a flexible learning approach, which is a combination of online and modular education.

“CMDI has sufficient experience in e-learning as we have provided online microfinance courses to other individuals and institutions since 2009. We believe that we are equipped in continuing to provide quality training and education to our students and learners,” she explained.

CMDI started as a training institute of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions in 2000 which has evolved into becoming a tertiary school since 2015. Currently, there are 2,692 SHS and college students enrolled in CMDI Bay and Tagum Campus.

Apart from the online classes and modular instruction, CMDI ensures that their students are always engaged by organizing online activities such as online webinars, student body elections, virtual semester starters and enders, symposiums, and online contests.

“As much as possible, we want to let our students feel the presence of our institution through online activities. We won’t let COVID-19 and distance hinder us from delivering education that they deserve,” Dr. Edzel A. Ramos, Executive VP of CMDI.

Responding to the New Normal

In March 31, 2020, CMDI launched two programs, Kabuhayan Ideas Online and Dagdag Kaalaman Online to facilitate digital learning for clients who aspire to grow their livelihood.

In Kabuhayan Ideas Online, which has more than 10,000 FB group members, CMDI uploads infographics on business tips, tutorial videos on possible products and hosts a weekly webinar entitled “Enterprise Development Webinar”.
Meanwhile, Dagdag Kaalaman Online is the online version of CARD MRI’s “Credit with Education” program where it teaches its more than 2,000 FB group members about business, health, and environment.

In addition to these programs, CMDI also offers online courses through the Learning Management System where clients can enroll in different subjects such as Basic Bookkeeping, Financial Management and many more.

Plans on Moving Forward

CMDI plans to move forward amidst the pandemic and provide quality education for their students and clients as they process to add a new course and improve its current ones. “We hope to cater to the future educational needs of our students and learners no matter the circumstances are. We are looking forward to continuing to contribute to CARD MRI’s goal eradicating poverty through the use of digital technology,” Sarmiento conluded.

CMDI is one of the member-institutions of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions and is a globally recognized institute that provides education and training focusing on innovative development strategies and advanced education on microfinance.