Senior High School Calendar of Activities


Date Activities Schedule
Sept 1-30 National Peace Consciousness Month
Sept 1 Savings Day
Sept 1-3 Walk Thru to NEO LMS for New Students
Sept 5 – Oct 5 National Teacher’s Month
Sept 6-7 Faculty Induction
Sept 8 Orientation of New Students in Modular Modality
Sept 9 Orientation for Parents of New SHS Students
Sept 9 Micro-insurance Day
Sept 9 Student’s General Orientation for Late Enrollees
Sept 10 Distribution of Module 1 (Quarter 1)
Sept 10 World Suicide Prevention Day
Sept 13 Beginning of Classes
Sept 13 Students’ General Orientation Day
Sept 20 Guidance Webinar Series: Self-Care Essentials
Sept 24 First Collection of Student’s Outputs
Sept 24 Last Day for Late Enrollment
Sept 27 School Year Starter
Sept 27 Family Day
Sept 27-Oct 1 Club Membership Fair
Sept 28-Oct 2 Family Week
Oct 4 Safety and Security Committee: National Peace Consciousness Webinar
Oct 5 World Teachers’ Day National Teachers’ Day
Oct 5 Guidance Webinar Series: Psycho-social and Physiological Health Support Activities Webinar for Teachers
Oct 6 Global Hand Washing Day
Oct 8 Second Collection of Student’s Outputs
Oct 11 Guidance Webinar Series: Mental Health Awareness Webinar
Oct 22 Third Collection of Student’s Outputs
Oct 17-23 United Nations Week English Week (MINDS CLUB)
Oct 25 GAD Office: Gender Orientation and Awareness Webinar
Date Activities Schedule Year 2022
Jan 1 New Year’s Day
Jan 1-31 Safety and Security Committee: Zero Waste Month and Food Conservation Month
Jan 7 Seventh Collection of Student’s Outputs
Jan 10 Financial Literacy Webinar
Jan 16-22 National Cancer Consciousness Week
Jan 17 Guidance Webinar Series: Anti-Bullying Webinar
Jan 17-21 Finals Week for the First Semester
Jan 21 Eight Collection of Student’s Outputs
Jan 24-Feb 4 Semestral Break
Jan 31-Feb 4 Second Semester Enrollment New &Old Student/Transferee
Feb 1-28 Health Education Month
Feb 1 Chinese New Year
Feb 4 2nd Quarter Release of Report Card
Feb 4 Distribution of Module 3 (Quarter 3)
Feb 7 Beginning of Classes
Feb 14 Guidance Webinar Series: Relationship Webinar “True Love Waits”
Feb 14-15 Foundation Day
Feb 14-18 Fire Ants Week
Feb 18 Last Day for Late Enrollment
Feb 18 First Collection of Student’s Outputs
Feb 21 Leadership Youth Summit Webinar
Feb 21-25 Entrep Week
Feb 25 EDSA Revolution Anniversary
Feb 28 Ngiting Tagumpay Webinar/Program