CARD MRI Development Institute (CMDI) began as a training unit in response to the capacity building needs of CARD MRI. In 2000, the Training Center found a new home. After several years in its former location, the center was inaugurated in its new and present location: Barangay Tranca, Bay, Laguna. The CARD Training Center was then formally established in 2005 as the CARD MRI Development Development Institute, a self-sustaining human resources development institute. Over the years, CMDI has produced skilled men and women who are now managing and leading the different CARD MRIs that are responsive to the required projected growth of other CARD MRIs, especially the CARD Inc. and CARD Bank.

From 150,000 members in 2005, CARD has dramatically increased its provision of integrated financial and non-financial services to more than 2 million members and continuously expands to reach 5.3 million members (5.0 million for microfinance clients and 0.3 million for small to medium enterprise clients) by 2015. The projected growth and resulting training needs, in addition to CMDI’s mission of extending training to other organizations, will continue to drive an intensive period of development and capacity building at CMDI.

In 2013, TESDA granted approval for CMDI to offer Microfinance Technology NC II registered under the TVET Program. Meanwhile, in 2015 upon granting of permit from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), CMDI started its operations as a tertiary education institute and offered the course, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship with Specialization in Microfinance. It was also accredited by TESDA as an Assessment Center for Microfinance Technology NC II.

CMDI’s commitment to deliver exceptional practitioner-led training and education services to its clients continues at it establishes its presence in the key cities of the country. At present, CMDI has facilities in Baguio City in Benguet, Pasay City in Metro Manila, and Masbate City in Bicol. It also has a campus in Tagum City in Davao.