Knowledge Management Center


As the Training Unit provides the delivery of the programs, the Knowledge Management Center provides the materials and the tools needed for such programs.

Mostly, the unit creates and develops the training manuals for core training courses for CARD staff. Sample modules created were the Account Officer Ready to Go, Unit Manager Ready to Go, among others.

The Credit with Education (CwE) modules are also produced by the LRDE. The modules are used in the conduct of the CwE sessions done for every Center Meeting of each unit. Each module tackles a useful life skill topic, while some modules feature a CARD product or service for easier information dissemination.

Other products that the unit produces are CMDI communication materials such as its brochure, trainers’ and guests’ orientation kit, among others.


The Knowledge Management Center also houses the CMDI Library. Print and digital resources on microfinance, entrepreneurship, business, and management can be found in the library. Aside from these, the library also features several CARD MRI publications such as monographs, focus notes, annual reports, and research studies.